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Bringing Hope and Restoration to the Broken

Steventhen Holland is an author, recording artist, passionate worship leader, motivational communicator, national pro-life speaker and founder of Broken Not Dead Ministries, a non-profit 501(c3).


Steventhen’s unrelenting passion to see brokenness transformed to wholeness was the foundation that launched Broken Not Dead Ministries! His life is the result of the gang-rape of an eighteen-year-old mentally challenged young woman. Incredibly, despite his mother’s lack of intellectual ability,

homelessness, and a society that was constantly pressuring her to abort him, he survived. However, his mother couldn’t care for him and placed him in foster care, where he was later adopted. He wouldn’t be reunited with his birth mother for more than twenty-seven years.


Despite the brokenness he has experienced, he travels the country, sharing his message of HOPE and RESTORATION for the BROKEN built on the Gospel of Jesus Christ! With courageous inspiration, Steventhen has been transformative as a speaker and worship leader at a variety of events and venues around the country over the last 15+ years.

Steventhen authored a book entitled, The Journey: Brokenness to Wholeness, in which he shares his amazing story. He is a Nashville recording artist, recording his first EP entitled, Broken Not Dead, which released in September of 2017, follow up by the release of 5 singles in 2019, and is he is also planning to release new music in 2020. He currently lives in Alabama, with his wife, Rachel and their three beautiful daughters, Isabella, Eliana, and Kadence.


BND Ministries' mission is to bring hope and restoration to the broken through creating inspirational content, music, books, hosting events and creating a platform where all can hear and share their own ‘Broken Not Dead’ story.


With an effort to bring Hope and Restoration to even more broken people, we are constantly looking to develop strategies and partner with other likeminded organizations to better carryout our mission. With this in mind, we have established two platforms underneath the umbrella of Broken Not Dead Ministries, called Broken Not Dead Events and ProjectMPACT


Broken Not Dead Events are established to bring Hope and Restoration to the COMMUNITY.








ProjectMPACT is established to bring Hope and Restoration to the CHURCH.



The people we seek to serve and minister to are the broken, which, honestly, can be found everywhere! We provide content, serve, and minister to any individual, group of individuals, or organizations that will allow us to partner with them. 








"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good me to do nothing."

- Sir Edmund Burke

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